Busy Week

We have a busy and exciting week.

Monday (Today) – Dental Visit

Wednesday 26th- Grandparents Day

Friday – Prod No classes

The eggs will hopefully begin to hatch on Sunday and finish hatching on Monday. I have told the kids that this is the first time hatching ducks and the hatchability is not as good as chicks. If no eggs hatch then we will be starting again with chicks next week but please pray that they do hatch!

For the next few weeks (until May 15th) we will be having Library on Mondays to help with track and field scheduling.

I will be sending home a field trip form to go to my dairy farm so please send then back signed. Parents are welcome to join us.

Field Trip

Unless the forecast changes for our field trip on Friday, we will be eating our lunches a little early, at 11am, and heading out after that. Please make sure to pack your child a snack that is easy to carry in their pocket and eat while on the move. And don’t forget to dress warm and for the weather … boots and rain jackets! Until then, pray for the weather to change!

Readers Theater

Today we performed our readers theater that the students have been practicing. I am not able to post all the videos, however we will be performing more next week and I will be posting more videos. It says they are on Youtube because that is the only way I am able to post such a large file. The videos are unlisted and so only people with the link can see them.

I was planning on attending a conference tomorrow however, it was cancelled due to a lack of attendees. I will be in class tomorrow.

Today we were able to candle the eggs. This means we held the eggs to a special light to see if ducklings were in fact growing. We were able to see one of the ducklings moving! It was a really neat experience for the students.

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a blesses Easter weekend. Last week we began our unit on hatching ducklings. The students will be counting down to hatching day (May 1st). We will be starting a new unit (a very short one) on shapes in Math which will lead into area and perimeter, we are learning about global indigenous groups in Social Studies, continuing with story writing and beginning readers theater in Language Arts. In bible we will be studying the Gospel of John.

This Friday I will be away at a conference so the students will have a TOC.

On Thursday I sent home some of the work we did last week as well as a permission slip to go to the Blue Heron Nature Reserve. An invitation for your child to invite a grandparent or someone special to them to grandparents day also went home.

Welcome Back!

It was so wonderful to see the lovely smiling faces this morning! I hope you all had a wonderful and restful spring break. This week we will be continuing with fractions in Math, starting story writing in Language Arts, continuing learning about the Easter story in Bible, and studying global indigenous communities in Social Studies. Today we starting learning about hatching duck eggs. Today was day one for our eggs! They will be hatching on May 1st!!!

Important Information:

Its not too late for anyone that would like to join either Little Hoopsters or Little Diggers. You can register through the school store or the office.

No school Good Friday -April 7th

No school Easter Monday – April 10th

No classes prod – April 28th