Spelling Tests

Hi Parents,

I recently watched an amazing TedX talk about pressured in school being directly related to students willingness to try. I am going to explore this a bit more by not sending spelling tests home. Students will still have spelling tests and they will still be marked. Students will not be taking the tests home after they are marked and will not be given their score. If you would like to know how they are doing on their tests you can email me and I will give you their marks. I will let you know if I have any concerns about their progress or marks.

On Oct. 28, one of our fabulous local business’, Fraser Valley Roofing, has graciously agreed to sponsor a Hot Dog Day for our students. At lunch time, the food truck will be here to hand out hot dogs to our entire school! Each child will receive one hot dog and 1 bag of chips free of charge. Students do not need to sign up or send anything to receive the hot dog or chips. If students do not wish to have get a hot dog, they should bring their regular lunch and let their teacher know that they will not be having a hot dog on the day of the event. This should be a fun day as it is also Fall Colour Dress-up Day for our students!
Thanks to Fraser Valley Roofing for putting on this event for our school!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I spent the weekend in Shushwap. The weather was cold, and seeing the snow on the highway was so beautiful. We have another short week coming up. This Friday is a ProD day. I am participating in two workshops around literacy. I am so excited to get new ideas! I wrote that we are having a spelling test on Friday, but in fact it will be on Thursday. This week I will be doing some assessment on addition and subtraction in the hundreds and thousands with regrouping, we are continuing to work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Matter, Mapping, and writing our good copy of Ouch Moments.

Important Dates

Oct. 23 – PD Day

Oct. 27 – Primary Chapel

Oct. 28 – Fall Dress-Up Day

Oct. 30 – Knights Day

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We have so much to be thankful for; I am so thankful to be in the lives of your sweet children! We had a wonderful week full of so much learning. We have been working on adding and subtracting three digit numbers, readers theatre and our novel study, matter, and mapping. We had an assembly in class chatting about being a bucket filler rather that a dipper and what that looks like. The students in our class are so inclusive, and have big hearts. This week I will introduce the new list of spelling words but because it is a short week it will be tested on Friday, October 23rd.

Important Dates:

Oct. 15 – Photo Retakes

Oct. 16 – Knights Day

Oct. 23 – PD Day

Oct. 28 – Fall Colour Day

Oct. 30 – Knights Day

Readers Theatre

We have been working on reading with expression and projecting our voice. Readers Theatre is a great way to practice those skills. The students have been working on the play Cinderella, and did very well! I hope you enjoy.

What a wonderful week we had, although wet! This week has been full of reviewing addition and subtraction with regrouping, rounding, printing sentences correctly, readers theatre, building our own community, and experiments!

Next week we will continue with readers theatre. I am hoping to video the students acting out their Cinderella play and posting it on the blog. In order to do this I would need to upload it to my Youtube account first. My account is not visible to anyone who does not have the link. If you are uncomfortable with this please let me know.

We had our Terry Fox run this week in the gym. We decided to run in the gym because of the rainy weather we had. I was so proud of the students for trying their best. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause with your Toonies!

Due to the short week, I will introduce the spelling words on Tuesday, but won’t test them until the following Friday (Oct. 9th).

Important Dates

Sept. 28 РPD Day 

Sept. 30 – Orange Shirt Day


Oct. 2 – Knights Day

Oct. 9 – Knights Day

Oct. 12 – Thanksgiving

Spelling List L1 (Test on Oct. 9th)

  • talk
  • walk
  • country
  • half
  • done
  • gone
  • soap
  • black
  • clothe
  • clothing
  • power
  • road
  • stream
  • church
  • dash
  • feed
  • news
  • suit
  • table
  • dead