Thank You

The kids were amazing today!! I am so proud of all the hard work they put into the play. They really did a fantastic job.

Thank you so much for the sweet generous gifts and cards. I feel loved! I hope you have a blessed Christmas. see you in the New Year!!!


We finished the novel that we were reading during our read aloud time and today the students watched the movie. This is a cute little story about a mouse that does not fit the norm. He falls in love with a princess and goes on a quest to save her from a rat.

The students enjoyed a relaxing afternoon! We are TIRED.

Concert Information

Christmas Concert Information

This year the K-3 students will be performing a Christmas musical called “Starlight”.

1. While some students in Ms. Rast’s and Mrs. VanLeeuwen’s classes will be wearing specific character costumes, all other students Gr. 1, 2 and 3 will form a choir of stars in the dark night sky. They are asked to wear:

      a. Bottoms: navy blue or black pants or skirt and tights. HRA uniform pants are acceptable.

      b. Tops: navy blue or black long-sleeved tops. HRA uniform sweatshirts are acceptable.

      c. Avoid: any other colour of clothing, including white and grey.

2. Kindergarten students will be provided angel costumes and halos that the school already owns.

3. Mrs. Shinness will contact the families of specific characters in grades 2/3 and 3 directly for costume suggestions to match their characters.

Students need to arrive at school on the morning of the concert (Friday December 16) wearing their navy blue/black full attire. Costumed characters may also arrive in their costumes, as help getting changed will not be available. Kindergarten teachers will assist their students putting angel costumes over the clothes that they come to school in. Uniform is not required on the day of the concert for K-3 students.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Shinness at

Last week updates

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, December 14th – Christmas Sweater/Colour Day

Thursday, December 15th – Christmas Sweater/Colours again

Friday, December 16th – Primary Christmas Concert @ 10:30 am and early dismissal – 11:30 am (come dressed for the concert!)

Jan. 3rd- return to school


No spelling list this week.

Reminders and Other Information:

  • Christmas Accessories: Students  may wear festive hats, scarves, gloves, and/or socks/leggings with their uniform.  All items must be Christmas themed.  Baseball caps and bucket hats do not count unless they are particularly Christmassy in some way.
  • Salvation Army Food Drive – The food drive will start December 1st, note that cash donations are preferred as they can buy things at a discount price thus making the donation go farther.

Dance Party

Today we decided to have a dance part instead of DPA, they loved it!

On a side not the video says Youtube because that’s the only way I could share it. It is not visible to anyone and can’t be searched on Youtube.

BC Hydro Contest

BC Hydro was offering a contest to schools, if you were among the first to reply to an email they had sent out about LED lights, you were shipped a box of free LED Christmas lights. I was one of the first and our class received our box of lights!! We used them on a winter scene and emailed a picture to BC Hydro. We are now entered to win a pizza party for our class. The draw will be held during the holiday break. Hopefully we win!!