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Today: Class Pictures

Tomorrow: Pink Shirt Day and Math Mayhem

tomorrow is and important day in bringing awareness to the hurt and devastation that bullying can cause. As a class we will be discussing the tools we can use to prevent bullying and what we can do if we are being bullied or know someone that is. Students are invited to wear a pink shirt with casual bottoms tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening from 6:30 to 8 is Math Mayhem. Students from k-9 are encouraged to come and participate in the fun games and center’s. Just a reminder that students from k-6 will need and adult with then to supervise.

Math Mayhem

Here is some informaiton regarding Math Mayhem:

Feb 22 from 6:30-8 In the school gym. This will be an evening of fun and learning. Grades 6 and under will require an parent/adult to be with them through the evening (there will not be supervision). This event is open to all k-9 students.


I don’t typically give homework in Grade 3, that being said, there are several students that have work that is unfinished. In an effort to move forward I gave those students a significant amount of class time to complete the work last week. I have sent home a blue folder with the students that were unable to complete the work. Could you please have your child complete the work at your earliest convenience and send it back in the folder. Thank you so much for partnering with me on this.

What a great week we had. The kids worked so hard! This week we have continued learning our multiplication and division facts as well as continued with number sense building activities. We have been working on descriptive writing, also known as how to writing. We had a great time making pancakes and then writing the steps in our journal. Next week we will be completing our final piece of descriptive writing and then moving on to readers theater and story writing. In Science we have moved on from atoms and molecules to thermal energy. We will focus on the differences between convection, conduction, and radiation. In Social Studies we are finishing up a booklet and then will be learning how to research and take notes. We will be researching the Inuit.

Important Dates:

Feb. 14 – PTWC – Valentine’s Colours. This is Pay to Wear Casual with a minimum donation of 2$ students can wear casual clothes and support our upcoming missions trip to Guatemala.

If you ordered hot lunch for your child then you can set your alarm a few minutes later on Tuesday!

Feb. 17 – Pro-D Day

Feb. 20 – Family Day

Feb. 21 – Class Pictures

Feb. 22 – Pink Shirt Day

Valentine Cards

I can’t believe its already February!! The students have been asking for a list of names to write valentine cards. You do not have to write cards but if you choose to do so, then please make sure you have one for each student. There can be some really hurt feelings otherwise.

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