Week in Review

3 weeks until Spring Break!! The students are ready for a break. They have been working hard, and learning many new and challenging concepts. Here is what we are working on in the weeks leading up to Spring Break.

Math: Division, Fractions, and review of concepts learned already.

Language Arts: Charlottes Web novel study, Grammar, Non Fiction Text Features.

Science: Thermal Energy (test on Wednesday), Landforms and Erosion

-we will be studying for the test in class, the students are still learning how to take a test and study for it)

Social Studies: Continuation of Indigenous Peoples

P.E. Badminton

Bible: Study of Lent and the events leading up to Jesus death.

Important Dates:

Wednesday Feb. 24th: Pink Shirt Day

Week in Review

We had a good week….a chatty one! This week we have been working on Division which can be a fairly challenging concept. I was so impressed with how quickly most of the students caught on! We have finished our “Good Morning Gorillas” novel study and will be moving on to Non-Fiction text features once we have finished our readers theatre play “The Little Red Hen”. In Science, we are still working on Thermal Energy. In Social Studies we have been studying Indigenous groups in Canada, more specifically the Coast Salish and Inuit people of Canada.

There will be no spelling next week or the week after because of the 2 short weeks.

On Wednesday, February 10th, the students are invited to wear Valentine colours. They are also invited to hand out their cards that day if they choose to write some. Due to Covid regulations we will not be able to hand out treats unless they are individually packaged.

Scholastic Code for online ordering: RC134695

Important Dates:

Feb. 10 – Valentine Colours Day
Feb. 12 – Pro-D Day (No School)
Feb. 15 – Family Day (No School)