I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed watching my oldest daughter play basketball at a tournament in Langley. The Highroad Grade 8 girls played so well.

This week we are continuing to learn about division and working on number sense. In Language Arts we are working on descriptive writing. Today we were learning about Martín Luther King Jr. (age appropriate) in honor of MLK jr. Day.

We have finished our review of matter and have moved on to learning about atoms and molecules in Science. In Socials we are continuing our learning about First Nations and Aboriginal groups in Canada.

The students created beautiful painted snowmen in art on Friday and it has really brightened our room! If you ever want to come in a check out what your child is working on please pop by!

  • save
  • list
  • date
  • grant
  • fight
  • rise
  • hop
  • war
  • own
  • warm
  • study
  • try
  • write
  • hear
  • beyond
  • among
  • balance

Important Dates:

Cozy Casual Day January 18th

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