What we have been learning….

In our class we have been working on writing with details and triple scoop words and are about to start how to writing. Tomorrow we will be reading the story How to Catch an Elf and then writing our own How to Catch an Elf story. In the afternoon the students will be working in groups to plan and create their own trap for an elf

In Math, the grade 2s continue to work on building number sense and have been working on subtraction with regrouping. The grade 3’s have started multiplication and are working on what that means and exploring arrays and groups of.

In Science, the students have all been working on studying matter, atoms, and molecules. The have been learning about the periodic table of elements and understanding that atoms are the building blocks of matter.

In Social studies we have been studying Canada through the tense of non fiction storybooks. We have read Emma and the Silk Train, The Prairie boy’s Summer, Saving Thunder the Great, Secret of the Dance, and many more wonderful non fictions stories with our beautiful provinces at the centre. We are learning about the capitals of the provinces of Canada and what makes them special. In the coming weeks we will be studying Christmas Around the World and learning about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries.

In Bible we having been keeping a Grateful Journey and exploring stories throughout the bible. In the coming month we will be learning about the Nativity Story.

If you ever have any questions about what we are studying please send me an email.

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