Good morning Grade 3 family,

I hope everyone had a chance to join in on the meeting with Mr. Morris last night. I would just like to say that I am praying for all of you to stay healthy. I have tested positive but am on the mend, Praise the Lord.

As Mr. Morris stated last night we are all winding down with there only being one month of school left so thankfully we have covered almost all of the curriculum. I am so grateful that if something like this was to happen, it happened when academically we are in a much better place.

Here are some of the things you can work on with your kids while isolating at home.


In Math we have been working on Fractions, multiplication, and division review. For grade 3 they are expected to know basic concepts such as what is a half, third, and quarter. They have already been taught this as well as how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator.

Students know the concepts of multiplication and divisions and are working towards memorizing their facts.

We have just started 2D and 3D shapes, having a shape hunt around the house is one way to solidify their knowledge. We left off talking about angles in chapel (right, acute, and obtuse).

Language Arts:

In Language Arts we have been working on story writing. The students have been working on writing their own stories and have done a remarkable job with this. Please have your child continue writing fictional stories, focussing on character, setting, problem, solution.

Story jumper is a wonderful story writing site that is free.

Please continue to read for at least 30minutes a day. This is crucial for success. If you are looking for reading material you can log on to Epic during school hours using our class code.

Class Code: YSE2902

Also the library has a few free apps (Libby, Overdrive, RB digital)


In Science we have been learning about ecosystems and abiotic (non living) and biotic (living) features of ecosystems. If you go on a walk you can point out the living and non living things you see in a particular ecosystem.

Great YouTube videos about science are crash course kids, scishow kids, Bill Nye, and Mark Rober.

Students were also working on insect reports, they can do research on their chosen insect.

Social Studies

In Socials we have been learning about Idigenous communities around the world (Polynesian, Maori, Quechua, Bushmen of Southern Africa, Swahili, and Aboriginal Australians). Students can do research on these Indigenous groups.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me

I will continue to blog so stay tuned.


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